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作者 InterActive PH   
2010/03/09 Tuesday 17:51:56 JST


≪InterActive PH ≫




 I am Yukio Ito that a breeder of Pharaoh Hound in Japan. I am members of the Japan Kennel Club, and the President of the Hakodate New-Tomoe Dog Friends Club. I met a male pharaoh hound in 2001 and have begun to keep him as a pet. I studied overall dog in a certain kennel, and "INTERACTIVE JP" is established afterwards in 2004. I participated in a dog show in pharaoh hounds while experiencing a lot of small dogs. I bought a female pharaoh hound in the next year (2005) and gave birth in the pharaoh hound for the first time in 2007. In spring of 2013, it is succeeded from Estonia by import of the pharaoh hound. Then changed the kennel name to "YUQEET JP" in 2015. In June 2016, it is succeeded from Finland by import of the pharaoh hound and  in March 2019 from Russia by import of the pharaoh hound. I sent out into the world about 75 pharaoh hounds. I exist as the only Asian pharaoh hound breeder even now. If you want my pharaoh hound, please feel free to ask me.

 InterActive PH を設立。ドッグショーに参加。
2013年 エストニアからファラオハウンド(牡)を輸入
2015年 犬舎名を「YUQEET」に変更。
2016年 フィンランドからファラオハウンド(牝)を輸入
2019年 ロシアからファラオハウンド(牝)を輸入



最終更新日 ( 2023/12/09 Saturday 14:49:59 JST )
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